Now with the knowledge we have learned from the farm we have brought beekeeping into the city. Bees can be kept and will produce honey in an urban area very successfully.  We have learned how to make it all happen efficiently and within the guidelines set up by the city. We can help you in the process, our services are available, just contact us by leaving a comment below. Hope we hear from you and follow us  on Twitter @catskillprovs and friend us on Facebook so you can stay up on beekeeping tips and tricks.


NYC Beekeeping Consulting

Are you at the point of choosing Beekeeping as a hobby or to keep a hive in NYC or considering doing so? We may be able to help you navigate through all the important elements you need to consider before starting to keep your own hive or hives. We currently work with clients who have one to two hives in an urban setting. We provide consulting and management of the hives for them starting in Spring right through preparing the hives for Winter. Topics we typically cover during a consultation are, construction of a bee hive, safe hive placement, general maintenance, troubleshooting in the hive, processes and lifecycle within the colony, and diseases and treatments.

Customized Programs

Contact us and tell us about your beekeeping goals. We can tailor a consultation to discuss a program that’s right for you.

New York Beekeeping Community

The smart way to become a better beekeeper is to reach out to other beekeepers and exchange knowledge. No two years or seasons are the same when it comes to beekeeping. That is why the importance of community is key to evolving your beekeeping skills and staying current to changes in climate and it’s effects on our bees and farms. A major part of our attraction to beekeeping is their sense of community. The whole colony shares the same goal! That is why their success rate is so high! Beekeeping is fascinating, always challenging and it gives us the gift of delicious honeys! A happy beekeeper keeps better hives, so stay connected to fellow beekeepers and share your experience!