Good Spirits News

Here in New York State, we are blessed with a wide variety of entrepreneurial farmers and craft beverage makers.  So, it is always a pleasure when the GSN staff are sent a product that is 100% locally made.  This time, it is a blend of two. Crafted through a partnership between a locally sourced food purveyor in the Catskill Mountains and an award-winning distillery in the Finger Lakes, New York … Read More →

Edible Manhattans editors are drinking our whiskey!

Whiskey, honey switchel and bubbly water — and boy was it good. She came in second place that night, and gifted me a massive jug of the whiskey-switchel mixture to take home. About five months later, I’m still happily working away at it. I drink it icy cold, with a little salt sprinkled on like Hannah taught me, while I read. Read more about it here.