Honey mustard glazed pork chop with scalloped potatoes

So here I’m making a honey-mustard glazed pork chop. First I take my oven and preheat to 350º. Next I take equal parts of honey, mustard (1/2 dijon and 1/2 pommery) and olive oil to make my glaze. I sit that to the side. I then take my pan and get it smoking hot. While I wait fort the pan to get hot, I generously salt and pepper my pork chop. I take the pork chop, give it a very good sear, glazed it and put it in the oven to finish. While that’s going I cook my potatoes. They are thinly sliced and raw at this point. I take a pan with olive oil and start to cook them. As the cook I add a little chicken stock at a time to get them to tender and take color. Of course don’t forget to season them. I check on the pork chop and it’s done. While it rests, I finish the potatoes with a touch of butter and plate. Total time on this was about 20 minutes from start to finish and is really quite easy to do. Here are some of the pics I took while making this.