Maple Chipotle marinated grilled chicken with summer fruits and maple mustard vinaigrette

So for this installment of recipes I’ve made a maple chipotle marinated grilled chicken salad with maple macerated strawberries, whiskey soaked cherries, tomato and mixed greens with a maple mustard vinaigrette.

First I started by making the marinade which was 1/3 Catskill Provisions grade a maple syrup and 2/3 chipotle puree in adobo. I had a couple of large chicken breasts so I butterflied them so they would cook a bit faster, take on more of the marinade and not dry out on the grill. I then placed them in a plastic bag and poured in the marinade. I left that in the fridge for 2 hours. During this time, I pitted my cherries and soaked them in whiskey, took my strawberries sliced them and topped them with maple sugar and let both sit in the fridge along with the chicken. When it came to hit the grill, I made my dressing for the salad which was about 1oz maple syrup, 2oz apple cider vinegar, the whiskey from the cherries, a dash of worchestire sauce, a special whole grain mustard which was infused with beer, salt, pepper and a bit of evoo to hold it all together. The grill was nice and hot so I started the chicken, got some great grill marks and finished the chicken off on the slower going side of the grill, giving it time to caramelize the maple syrup on the chicken. While my chicken rested I put my salad together with the mixed greens, tomato, cherries, strawberries and diced chicken. This recipe was delicious and def a summertime hit. Remember you can always adjust your level of heat by adding more chipotle or using less maple syrup. Other great ingredients that you could use are peaches and sliced almonds for added texture.