New York State Local Food Movement — Working Together for the Greater Good

It’s been said that, “it takes a village.” And, at Catskill Provisions, so it does. Living and working in the Catskill Mountains, we are pleased that our village includes some of New York State’s best small family farms producing real, pure produce. Inspired by our bee hives, and the sense of community the bees exhibit as they work together toward the same goal, we are passionate about creating and fostering relationships with likeminded partners who share our vision for sustainability and a commitment to using and producing only the best natural food products. We are always open to collaborating for the greater good!

Please join us in this movement towards health and sustainability. All of our Catskills Provisions food products—honeys, maple syrups, rubs, mixes, marinades, and whiskeys—are made from real, fresh, pure, local ingredients!

These are some of the organizations we follow and admire for their commitment to our shared goals. . .