Ultimate Beverage just gave us an 86 for 2015!

“A honeyed, buttery nose gives way to a mouth full of sweet toffee, ripe mango flesh and heaps of sun-dried summer grass. For a flavored whiskey, it’s subtle and nuanced, not overly sweet. It finishes all vanilla and fruit.”


Pancake and Whiskey has put us back on their Whiskey on Wednesdays Roster!!!

“this rye whiskey has a touch of sweetness that accents, but doesn’t mask the flavor of the whiskey itself. It’s smooth, rich and delivers a hit of spiciness. “

‘Catskill Provisions New York Honey is supremely sip-able and I would take it with nothing more than a piece of ice.”

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CNBC found us to be one of the top 5 entries at Whiskey Fest  2014! Read it Here!

“Finger Lakes is doing a honey liquor with Catskill honey. Just really good stuff,”

        “I know I just ruined my whole cred, you know, talking about a flavored whiskey. But the stuff is good!”

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Whiskey and Wine off 69 recommends us for a great holiday gift in the December issue of Edible

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“Excellent handcrafted rye whiskey infused with late-summer Catskills honey. The honey is underlying, not in your face or overly sweet. Use in a Manhattan and skip the sugar.”

FIRST WE FEAST – “The 50 Best Independent American Food Brands,” Feb. 7th 2013


SLOW FOOD – “The Sweet, Sweet Holidays Are Upon Us,” Dec. 5th 2012


WE USED THAT – “Raw Honey – tasty health benefits” – Dec. 3rd 2012

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VOGUE Dec 2012, pg 122 –

“Spring Wildflower Honey from Catskill Provisions is Beyond Compare- thick, dark, golden, never bitter and just on the cusp of crystallization.” – Jeff Steingarten

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“Breakfast of Locavores: Catskill Provisions Pancakes are Local Organic and Quite Tasty,” Nov. 25th, 2012


THE NIBBLE – “Honey Truffles with Lots of Buzz from Catskill Provisions” – Oct. 16, 2012


TASTING TABLE – “Honey Do: Buzzworthy Truffles from Catskill Provisions,” July 13th, 2012

“…Catskill Provisions has married the classic confection with a more complicated partner: honey. Founder Claire Marin thought that the raw honey produced on her Long Eddy, New York, property, with its natural maple notes, would pair well with chocolate. Still, she had to go through several iterations to achieve just the right balance. After working with several chocolatiers, she settled on 70 percent dark Belgian chocolate, which both coats the truffles and is incorporated into a ganache filling made with crystallized honey and New York State organic cream. The truffles also receive a final dusting of cocoa powder; the resulting treats simply buzz with honey flavor. But the sweetest part? The truffles have no added alcohol or preservatives.”


SPECIALTY FOOD  – “The Bees Knees of Honey,” Jan/Feb 2012


MORE – “Tantalizing Treats to Tempt All Taste Buds,”Dec 2011 to Jan 2012, pg 105.


Here is the link to our radio show on The Heritage Radio Network. 


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