Honey Trinity: Spring & Fall Honey with Comb *SOLD OUT

Price: $38.00

Harvested from our busy bees, Catskill Provisions’ honey is purely delicious, of course, but there are several home uses for honey and raw honeycomb, too. A perfect gift for the holistic-minded household, the Honey Trinity Gift Set includes:

  • 12 oz. jar Wildflower Raw Honey (Spring Light)
  • 12 oz. jar Wildflower Raw Honey (Fall Dark)
  • 8-10 oz. Honey Comb circle

GIFT BOXING: Includes a gift basket container (canvas tote, gift box or basket), custom assembly, personalization, beautiful wrapping and decorating.

GIFT NOTES: Includes a handwritten note to the recipient. If you prefer, we’ll include a personalized note with your words — just email your message to info@catskillprovisions.com.

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