What does a honey bee eat and how do they collect it?

I am often asked these two questions, so I am sharing that knowledge today, with all of you…I hope you find it as interesting as I do! The honey bee eats nectar (sugary water) and pollen (yellow to brown protein powder depending on the flower) which are made by flowers. Babies are fed tons of pollen, to provide the protein they need to grow. The abundance of flowers in the … Read More →

just a few of the goodies from the farm

[slideshow] Just a little peep of what we have going on here at the farm. From tomatoes to potatoes, bee’s to turkeys we have our hands full keeping up with everything but we love it and we hope it shows.

!!!Our first blog post. Yay!!!

First off I just wanted to thank everyone for following us and hope you find the blog interesting and fun. We will have news from the farm and events, recipes using our products and our some of own adventures!