Maple Cinnamon Pork Chops and Bourbon Apples: Carrie Bonnell cooks with Catskill Provisions

Maple Cinnamon Pork Chops with Bourbon Roasted Apples and Rainbow Chard by Carrie Bonnell   Ingredients: 2 Pork Chops 3 Pink Lady Apple (these will also be for dessert) Butter 1/3 Cup Bourbon 1 Head of Rainbow Swiss Chard (can be replaced with Kale) 1 tin Catskill Provisions Maple Cinnamon Meat Rub *Serves 2 Preparation: Pat dry the Chops and salt them with Catskill Provisions Maple Cinnamon Meat Rub. Rub … Read More →

fruit salad with honey-ginger blood orange juice

For the first in our new recipe series we have something simple, really tasty and just plain good for you. We started with some fresh fruit we had around the house. So here we used kiwis, clementines and green apples. The next step was to chop some fresh herbs into the mix. For this we used cilantro, basil  and mint. I would say about 2 parts mint to 1 part … Read More →

…………As we take steps…………

As we take the steps neccesary to bring the best products to you we are becoming more aware of how important it is to buy local and so should you. Think of the carbon imprint  and what that alone is doing to the earth. Buying local will reduce the carbon imprint drastically. Think of it financially, the cost of obtaining products from across the country is astonishing and could be … Read More →